A Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, Ökológiai és Fenntartható Gazdálkodási Rendszerek Tanszéke állást ajánl agrár és/vagy kertész MSc végzettségű mérnöknek.



The job of the young scientist who should start at FiBL as soon as possible can be described as follows:

Learning and introduction:

  1. Learn everything on how FiBL is organized, on which are the research topics of FiBL and which are the scientific, socioeconomic and veterinarian methods.
  2. Learn how FiBL organizes the knowledge exchange between research and farmers. How FiBL organizes advisory work and on-farm research as well as feedback and co-operation between research advisors, certifiers and other stakeholders.
  3. Learn at FiBL about who does what in organic farming in Europa and globally (organic farming, certification, markets, promotion and science). Become part of a huge network which might be worthwhile later on.
  4. Learn how research money can be raised on national and international level.
  5. Learn how EU consortia can be built, how excellent applications can be written and how the Commission and all its committees work.

Preparing and writing the program/project:

  1. Building an expert group in Hungary in order to discuss the program and how it will be organized.
  2. Develop a scheme how the experts can be paid and how the communication among them should work.
  3. Writing the detail work program with the different modules.
  4. Making workshops in Hungary and in Switzerland with the expert group in order the amend and finalize the work program.
  5. Preparing the first open call.

After the first phase, which might last 3 or 6 months depending on the candidates availability, the candidate will go back to Hungary and start the real work on the project if he is qualified and if he is selected by the expert group. Then the expert group has also to decide about the work contract and maybe about additional staff.

A munkába állás 3-6 hónapos svájci továbbképzéssel kezdődik.
A svájci gyakorlat idejére a fizetés 2700 CHF/hónap.

Jelentkezés e-mailben a laszlo.radics[kukac]uni-corvinus.hu címen.
A jelentkezéshez kérjük, mellékeljenek angol nyelvű CV-t és motivációs levelet.

A svájci munkakezdés ideje: megegyezés szerint