Timetable - Day 1 - 16/09/2010

Updated: 2010. 08. 30. - 15:17

Session title Lecturer Title Time Room
Registration Arrival, registration,
8:30 - 9:00 Aula of main building
Opening ceremony and honorary speeches Prof Dr Tamás Mészáros - Rector (BCE) 9:00 - 9:30
Prof Dr Tamás Németh - General Secretary (HAS) 9:30-10:00
Dr József Ángyán - Ministry of Rural Development, State Secretary for Rural Development 10:00-10:30
Coffee break 10:30-11:00
Keynotes Prof Dr Urs Niggli - Director (FiBL) Organic Farming in Agricultural Sciences 11:00-11:30
Prof Dr Ulrich Köpke - Professor for Organic Agriculture, University of Bonn and President of ISOFAR Organic.Edunet and Research: Compatibility and Optimisation 11:30-12:00
Lunch Organic buffet lunch 12:00-14:00  
Current advances in Organic Farming
And Agro-ecology
session leader: Prof Dr Laszlo Radics (BCE) Room 7 of new building
Prof Dr Laszlo Radics (BCE)   14:00-14:10
Prof Dr Fabio Caporeli (University of Viterbo) Philosophycal basics of the agroecology 14:10-14:20
Dr Monika Tothova and Dr Peter Toth (University of Nitra),
Dr Salavatore Basile (President of AIAB),
Prof Dr Laszlo Radics (BCE)
Presentation of the Green Plant Protection 14:20-14:30
Dr Andrea Tobias (BCE) Plant protecion on seeds in organic farming 14:30-14:40
Prof Dr Peter Von Fragstein (University of Kassel) The place and the role of the ENOAT in the Europen higher education 14:40-14:50
Laszlo Csambalik (BCE) Presentation of the LOVEt Project 14:50-15:00
Dr Christine Watson (SAC) Presentation of SAC/Legume Futures project 15:00-15:15
Dr Anne-Kristin Løes (Bioforsk Organic Food and Farming, Tingvoll, Norway) Organic food for young people - lessons learnt in the iPOPY project: From school meals to school culture. 15:15-15:25
Minna Mikkola (Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland) Organic food and conceptual change: predispositions for teaching 15:25-15:35
Dr. Gun Roos (Norwegian Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO), Oslo, Norway) Organic food in basic education illustrated by case studies 15:35-15:45
Dr Salvatore Basile Presentation of the Cilento Biodistrict 15:45-15:55
Prof Dr Peter Reisinger (University of West Hungary),
Peter Pusztai
Koleva Roszica - Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd.   16:05-16:15
Dr István Szalay - Gene reservation and organic animal husbandry   16:15-16:25
Coffee break 16:25-17:05  
Organic Agriculture Education Challenges in the Balkan Countries session leader: Prof Dr Gheorghe Valentin Roman Room 10 of new building
Prof Dr George Valentin Roman Presentation of the Organic.Balkanet project 14:00-14:10
University of Rousse ? Presentation of the Mednet project 14:10-14:20
Biomold Association ?   14:20-14:30
Organic Agriculture Education Challenges in the Mediterranean Countries session leader: Dr Salvatore Basile
Dr Yannis Livieratos/George Koubouris (MAICh)   14:50-15:05
Dr Zita Szalai (MÖGÉRT) Presentation of CerOrg Project 15:25-15:35
AGRO-SUP DIJON or FORMABIO (France)   15:35-15:45
SEAE or CIFAED (Spain)   15:45-15:55
Dr Salvatore Basile (AIAB, BIOCERT)   15:55-16:05
Coffee break 16:25-17:05  
Innovation in the Teaching of Sustainable Development in Life Sciences in Europe (ISLE) Corrine Stewart (AGRO-SUP DIJON)   17:05-17:15 Room 7 of new biulding
Lyubima Despotova-Toleva (Medical University Plovdiv) ?   17:15-17:25
Nidal Shaban (University of Forestry in Sofia) ?   17:25-17:35
Panel Discussion on
"Organic Education Challenges and the role of ICT"
Coordinated by Dr Geir Lieblein
Dr Geir Lieblein (UMB)   18:00-18:10
?   18:10-18:20
?   18:20-18:30
?   18:30-18:40
?   18:40-18:50
?   18:50-19:00
Organic & Environmental Education in Schools session leader: Manfred Lohr (BGS, EA) Room 10 of new building
Angelika Janssen (BG/BRG Schwechat) All organic - are you sure?
Comparing Organic and Conventional farming
Alice Hofstötter (BG/BRG Schwechat) Hidden fats in potatochips - how we discovered them with simple chemical methods in our school laboratory 17:15-17:25
Petros Lameras & Sofoklis Sotiriou   17:25-17:35
Dr Tamas Vasarhelyi (HNHM)   17:35-17:45
?   17:45-18:00
Manfred Lohr (BGS, EA) eLearning in Everyday Teaching
Situations - Web Tools to Improve Quality of eTeaching
?   18:10-18:20
?   18:20-18:30
?   18:30-18:40
?   18:40-18:50
?   18:50-19:00